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Knowing Your Patterns of Addiction and Where they Come from - Audio module Parts 1 and 2


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Knowing Your Patterns of Addiction and Where they Come from - Audio module Parts 1 and 2


This 2nd module of V2V will help you to understand how sex and porn addictive behaviours are governed by patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how modifying these will help you end addiction for good.  You will be able to conduct your own self-assessment and identify your potential addiction patterns.  The questions ‘why do I do this?’ and ‘how do I get back in control?’ will be answered. 

Module is in a 2-part audio version - the theory and self-assessment for sex and porn addiction.

With this module you will know where to target your personal energy and efforts to successfully achieve lasting change.

Behavioural and neurological patterns are explained in part 1 ( so you can see how addiction takes hold and with this knowledge how to begin dismantling your addiction cycle. 

Behavioural circles of addiction are often triggered by faulty thinking which itself is usually based in turn on faulty beliefs.  Once the beliefs are challenged the faulty thoughts can be corrected.  An example might be:

Boss wants to see me tomorrow (event) – I’m no good and will lose my job (thought response) – panic/fear about the future/security/family (emotional response) – turn to porn for escape/comfort/self-soothing (addictive behaviours). 

Learned assumptions about authority figures and their often critical and punitive style is the faulty thinking in the above example. This leads to using porn as a temporary escape or avoidance.  Escaping into sex and porn gives a dopamine high which gives temporary relief. Dopamine is however, highly addictive and your brain learns very rapidly that it is a powerful self-medicating sedative.

Over time and with the repetition of the above pattern of response to situations, that is, trigger thought followed by porn, a new pattern establishes itself.  This is no longer a response to events but instead is a self-perpetuating and automatic drive for constant self-medicating with dopamine.  Triggers become mostly obsolete at this stage – the brain just drip feeds itself on dopamine on a constant basis.  In other words, addiction.

By understanding when, how and why you respond to events enables you to break the patterns because you can replace inappropriate responses with balanced ones and head off the need for self-soothing through dysfunctional behaviours.

The module 1 audio explains 3 categories of causal factors which start and then maintain addiction. These are conditioning factors (related to your upbringing), crunch points (triggering events), and chronic factors such as illness, anxiety, self-esteem, finance and so on.

Part 2 audio contains a simple self-assessment to provide you with indications of the factors that might be causing your addiction. These address relating to others, trauma and your core beliefs about yourself and the world. Part 2 link


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