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Sex Addiction Counselling Yorkshire

We focus on helping you to make permanent changes in areas of your life that are leading to addiction by enabling you to overcome resistance to change, implement trigger and relapse control strategies, and build and maintain motivation.

What Esteem can help with

Esteem Therapy Yorkshire is a specialist sex and porn addiction counselling service in West Yorkshire and the majority of our clients are receiving assessment, support and treatment for this.  Sex and porn addiction can include excessively indulging in one or a combination of some of the following:

  • Porn – on/off-line images and film - he-she porn, yourporn sex, power porn, pornbug etc
  • On-line dating and chatting
  • On-line use of sex workers 
  • Sexual encounters with strangers – physical and by phone/texting
  • Multiple relationships/partners
  • Affairs – brief and over-time
  • Excessive/compulsive masturbation
  • Using workers in the sex industry
  • Sex clubs and parties
  • Group sex and swinging
  • Unwanted pattern of sexual demands on a partner
  • sexual offending
  • intrusive fetishes

Our Approach To Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction Treatment

Assessment: we look at: frequency and type of behaviours, impact of the behaviours on your health, relationships, work and life goals, levels of escalation of the behaviours, and your ability to manage any cravings and triggers.

Behaviour management: sex addiction and porn addiction take time and commitment to manage but initially we can agree a plan to reduce and control the most damaging aspects of your behaviours to keep you and important aspects of your life such as family and work as safe as possible. 

Develop understanding of the roots of the addiction: if sex addiction or porn addiction is your problem we will explore different aspects of your experiences past and present to develop insights into what purpose the addiction is serving.  

Personal skills and strategies:  at this stage we will help you develop ways to manage the addiction such as cognitive skills and identifying triggers and techniques for avoiding relapses into addictive behaviours. 

Making changes that last: finally we will focus on helping you to make permanent changes in areas of your life that are leading to addiction by enabling you to overcome resistance and build motivation.

Don't be afraid to call us on 07539 952864 to simply find out if our sex addiciton counselling in Yorkshire can meet your needs before committing.


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Please Note: Do not send your partner's or someone else's details without their knowledge. This is a breach of trust and also unlawful use of their personal data. Please call if you are worried about someone or need help yourself and I can advise you of the best course of action.

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