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What is wrong with you?

So you believe you may be a sex and/or porn addict. But it is difficult to own up to this and seek help? Perhaps because you feel that there is something wrong with you? There isn't!  You are not mad or weird and you don't have a sex drive that's out of control.  Medically sex addiction is classed as a mental disorder - not an illness as such. Acting out with sex and porn is a symptom of the mental disorder.  Usually, the disorder is largely about a dependency on unhealthy behaviours. This dependency has come about due to a need for relief from other under.. Read More

Free recovery tools those worried about their sex and porn behaviours.

My free online toolkit for recovery from sex and porn addiction now comprises 6 modules and some addictional resources. Visitors to can make use of these when they need them, or clients can use them to support their sessions and long-term recovery. Here is a summary of the 6 chapters:  Module 1 - will get you started on the road to recovery from porn and sex ‘addiction’ and compulsive behaviours with 6 really easy techniques for building and fortifying your commitment to change.  Module 2 - explains the commonly accepted 'vivio.. Read More

Reasons Why Sex and Porn Addiction Happens - Students and Mental Health During Covid Pandemic

Many patterns have emerged over the 8 years I have been working with sex and porn addiction clients in the types of causal factors for this disorder. I have written here already about trauma and relationships however here I'm going to share my experiences working with clients whose sex or porn addiction took hold in the early years of living independently. For many this is their university years when they are often miles away from family and friendship groups. In the news this week Read More

Mouthwash, campfires and porn - the link is obvious when you think about it!

Todays blog is verging on the partisan, but it is not my intention to make political, moral or social pronouncements, tempted as I am.  But I was struck yesterday by the publicity a certain mouthwash manufacturer gained by ‘giving’ supplies of its product to researchers at a university in Wales. The research was to find out if the product killed the Covid-19 virus – which it did, not surprisingly as it contains a level of alcohol and other chemicals which are already known to kill bugs.  Despite other media outlets setting out the limitations of relying on such a pr.. Read More

Life doesn't have to be solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

My last news blog was on the topic of 'pacifiers' and how adults use grown-up versions of them to soothe themselves from such as low self-esteem, anger or perhaps procrastination.   I made reference to a brillant song by Yello which goes on to use the dark sea as a metaphor for life's struggles, confusion and isolation.  I didnt know it then but but I had made an inadvertent link with my next blog idea which is based on the well-known and dark quote from Thomas Hobbes, the 17th century philosopher when he described life as "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish.. Read More

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