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Please Note: Do not send your partner's or someone else's details without their knowledge. This is a breach of trust and also unlawful use of their personal data. Please call if you are worried about someone or need help yourself and I can advise you of the best course of action.

Esteem Therapy Conversation About Sex Addiction

Steve, the Principal Therapist at Esteem Therapy Yorks, was recently invited by The Messed Up Counsellor to participate in a podcast discussing sex and porn addiction. Here is the link to the video Steve and Ian talk about the nature of sex addiction, how it comes about, the impact on partners, recovery work and looking at CSAM.    

VICIOUS TO VIRTUOUS (V2V) FREE ONLINE RECOVERY PROGRAMME FROM SEX AND PORN ADDICTION - Module 6 Common Triggers for Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction - Part A -2 Events - Life Transitions

VICIOUS TO VIRTUOUS (V2V) FREE ONLINE RECOVERY PROGRAMME FROM SEX AND PORN ADDICTION - Module 6 Common Triggers for Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction - Part A -  Events - Life Transitions What is this section about? -  how unplanned, unpleasant or poorly managed transitions can result in trauma-based negative experiences which are the causal factors for addiction -  in assessment, addicts often dismiss the question about trauma experiences (usually as an unconscious avoidance or denial mechanism to dissociate from painful memories) so this meta view of transitions i.. Read More

Sex and porn addiction is a symptom of past trauma.

This post talks about the role of trauma as a commonly occuring causal factor of addiction in my work with clients. usually a shock to clients, this idea is also reassuring as addicts come to understand that their out of control behaviours are a product of somehting that happened to them and not something wrong with them.   My clients have been able to make a link between a traumatic event such as parental divorce when they were a child and their addictive behaviours as a result of therapy.  What links the event and the adult behaviours is the well-documented process whereby .. Read More

Sex addiction - What The Hell Is Wrong With You?

Why are you addicted to sex and / or pornography? Perhaps you are worried that there is something wrong with you, that perhaps you are wired wrongly. Well the answer is that you are not genetically wired for it, and you are not mad or weird and it's not the product of a massive sex drive. I can say this with confidence because I know from working with many sex addiction and porn addiction clients that beneath the sexually-focused behaviours there is at least one and often several other significant things going on. What is actually he matter with you is NOT that you are compulsiv.. Read More

Overview of addiction and the recovery journey.

Esteem Therapy Yorkshire is a specialist sex and porn addiction counselling service in West Yorkshire and the majority of our clients are receiving assessment, support and treatment for this.  Sex and porn addiction can include excessively indulging in one or a combination of some of the following: Pornography – on/off-line images and film On-line dating and chatting Exchanging explicit images of self/others Covertly filming others On-line use of sex workers such as web camming Sexual encounters with strangers – physical and by phone/texting Multiple relation.. Read More

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