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What is Sex and Porn Addiction - self-assessment

What is Sex and Porn Addiction - self-assessment

Sex addiction and porn addiction are a dependence on sexual behaviours that get increasingly difficult to control until they start affecting the addict's health, work and people close to them.


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What is it?

Sex addiction behaviours can include compulsive masturbation and pornography, frequent and inappropriate use of paid sex workers, multiple affairs, stranger sex, fetishes, on-line sex and sometimes sexual offending.  The addictive behaviours do not mean that an addict is bad, immoral or abnormal in any way but they do mean something needs addressing.  Behaviours can be changed through the use of specialist professional treatment.

Those with sexually related addictive behaviours and compulsions may have relied on the behaviours for a long time and which then become a problem when starting a committed relationship or if they lose their job or contract an STD.  An increasingly common trend is that of men between the ages of 20 and 35 who, during their teenage years and adolesence, grew up with the internet explosion and instant access to porn and who are now finding that this 'addiction' is difficult to break away from when they try to start or build long-term relationships. 

How do I know if I am an addict - self-assessment?

If the behaviours are getting more out of your control or pose a risk to other aspects of your life and health you may be experiencing addictive behaviours.  Trust your instincts - if you are worried and concerned then it is worth checking out.  If it is not sex or porn addiction then addressing the worry might in itself be useful. If you are answering yes to any of the following questions you may have addictive and compulsive behaviours that require treatment:

Have the sexual behaviours been a key part of your life for many years?

Are you drawn towards porn and other sexual activities at every opportunity ie being alone?

Are you wasting a lot of time on porn or other sexual activities which could be used for more rewarding things?

Do you have a wish to control or reduce the behaviours but find it difficult to do so?

Have the repetitive sexual behaviours negatively affected one or more aspects of your life such as relationships, couple sex, work, health, finances, and friendships?

How do I stop?

We will help you understand and address what might be the root cause of your sex addiction or porn addiction and then give you techniques and strategies to free yourself from the addictive behaviours and compulsions and build a healthy lifestyle.  How long recovery takes will depend on your commitment to change - you have already taken the first step by reading this - but people can, and do, overcome sex addiction and take back control of their lives within a relatively short space of time. Our service is non-judgemental and completely confidential. 

What happens in the therapy?

Therapeutic discussion and some written tasks depending on your preferred learning style.  If required, work will be done on addressing key issues that may be triggering the behaviours such as stress, trauma, low self-esteem and low confidence. A recovery plan with goals and activities will be agreed.  Through sex addiction counselling you will be helped to gain new insights into the roots of your sex addiction or porn addiction and develop new perspectives on life and your values. 

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