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Official.  Sex addiction IS a mental disorder. Image Banner

Official. Sex addiction IS a mental disorder.


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Official. Sex addiction IS a mental disorder.

The World Health Organisation classifies diseases so that governments all over the world can target their resources at what is affecting people.  The most recent classification in ICD-11 which was published in June 2018 and be used by policy-makers, says that "Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder is characterized by a persistent pattern of failure to control intense, repetitive sexual impulses or urges resulting in repetitive sexual behaviour."

The WHO goes on to say that to be a disorder the behaviours will have been manifesting for more than 6 months (!).  It also acknowledges what you will read here on the website (and what has been here for at least 5 years) is that the condition leads to negative consequences but the cravings and urges over-rule rational thought thereby intensifying the disorder and its effects.

Don't forget though, even though the condition has been defined officially, it does not mean you are medicalised for life.  This is a temporary set of behaviours and mostly NOT a permanent mental illness.

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