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Commitment Is Essential To Get Into Recovery (See this free audio resource)


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Commitment Is Essential To Get Into Recovery (See this free audio resource)

My clients want to stop their sex and porn addictions but struggle. Often this is because their have started on the recovery journey because of external drivers rather than their own commitment.  External drivers are ultimatums from partners (stop or I'll throw you out); potential or actual police attention; or maybe advice from a GP or generalist therapist.

Commitment can be built up in therapy with a specialist in addiction like myself but this can sometimes feel artificial.  The resource linked to this article (access using this link is designed to help addicts who know they have a problem but havent yet to change to build their own commitment.  With this, there is personal ownership and investment in the recovery work so that it is meaningful to the addict and is much more likely to succeed.

I always suggest to potential clients and those starting in specialist treatment therapy with me to work on strengthening their commitment like the foundations of a new stone building.Thsi way the recovery work will be well supported and far less likely to collapse in a heap. In the resource I talk about some powerful ways to build commitment such as bringing to the forefront of their thinking their personal reasons and benefits for recovery and the negative consequences of the addictive behaviours.

Values are a key part of commitment and in the resource there is an activity to help addicts recapture a connection with their own values, probably long obscured by years of acting out.  A link to an additional free resource on prioritising personal values is included in the module.

One barrier to commitment is the fear of failure coupled with an anxiety arising from the anticipated loss of the addictive sexual behaviours which have usually been an important emotional or psychological prop for many years.

In the resource I help addicts begin to dispel these fears by promoting the notion of a 'pruning' approach to abstinence and recovery as opposed to the prevailing expectation of 'cold turkey'. 

The cold turkey approach suits some but not all and about half of my clients have been successful with their recovery using a de-escalation or scaling back approach where they take baby steps to gradually reduce their use of porn or webcam sessions with sex workers.

This resource is an audio module so you can listen to it more readily and privately so I recommend it to you if you are starting out on the early stage of a recovery journey. From this audio you will get some simple tools and techniques to build your commitment and get yourself motivated to end your addiction.



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