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Break Through the Fog of Denial - Free resources to get you started with recovery


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Break Through the Fog of Denial - Free resources to get you started with recovery

Porn and sex addicts can stay in denial for many years before finally experiencing serious negative consequences which finally push them to get help for their problem.  Some of my clients have been in denial for 30 years, convincing themselves that daily porn use or the use of escorts is somehow 'needed' or even 'normal’.

Denial is distorted thinking.  Addicts somehow manage to convince themselves, unconsciously, that their behaviours are not a problem and by doing so give themselves a licence to carry on self-destructing.  In most cases, addicts eventually come to therapy because their job, relationship, marriage, reputation or finances are in serious jeopardy. 

The advice is, don't wait for the worst to happen to convince you there might be a problem - talk to a specialist in sex and porn addiction to get the behaviours under control to protect yourself from a more serious consequences.  Some negative consequences can take many years to overcome such as losing a job or possibly having the police and courts involved.  A lost marriage will impact on you and your children for many years.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of all for ‘addicts’ is seeing through the fog of denial. They might emerge from denial briefly to phone me or text but then disappear back into their behaviours for several months or even years.  Those that do break through the denial and start work are always surprised at how straightforward recovery work is.  It takes just 8-10 sessions over a 4-5 month period to achieve recovery.

On this site there are many resources you can use straightaway without making an enquiry. (

If this gets you into recovery then we have done our work! But don’t hold back from a call if you are still struggling – you won’t be judged or shamed. We’re here to help.


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