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Why This, Why That, and Why

If you haven’t heard this song before, a collaboration between Jean Michel Jarre and the Swiss band Yello, then I recommend it highly.  I was struck by a verse that goes like this:   When I was thrown into this planet I didn’t know what was going on I was messing with my pacifier All day long.   I think the song is all about the same topic as the usual type of pop song lyric and is something along the lines of ‘why are we here and what is life all about?’ But this line has a special meaning to anyone addicted to sex and porn.  .. Read More

How Sex and Porn Addiction Affects relationships

A high number of clients seek help for their compulsive porn use and sex-related addictive behaviours because their relationship with their partner is put at risk.  Until their partners say that they are unhappy and are ready to leave many addicts do not even recognise their behaviours as unhealthy or potentially damaging.  They stay in denial until something bad happens or is imminent.  Many men in particular bring their addictive behaviours into a committed relationship and continue with them in secret – such as looking at porn or sexting – and somehow.. Read More

Free Resources For Sex and Porn Addiction - getting started.

This is module 1 of my free online toolkit for recovery from sex and porn addiction.   Module 1 will get you started on the road to recovery from porn and sex ‘addiction’ and compulsive behaviours with 6 really easy techniques for building and fortifying your commitment to change.    Before we go any further, let’s touch on the nature of commitment and why it is so vital to recovery from sex and porn addiction.  Commitment to change is the most critical element of being successful in achieving full recovery from addictive behavio.. Read More

VICIOUS TO VIRTUOUS (V2V) FREE ONLINE RECOVERY PROGRAMME FROM SEX AND PORN ADDICTION - Module 6 Common Triggers for Sex Addiction and Porn Addiction - Part B - Emotions and their role in the addiction spiral

Emotions and their role in the addiction spiral You may remember from module 2 and 3 that in the V2V model of sex and porn addiction that the addiction spiral is powered by triggers including emotions.  So its worth exploring the role of emotions and in particular trying to understand your own version of experiencing them as a core strategy in managing sex and porn addiction and attaining sustained recovery. What do we know about emotions? Well we know that they are probably unique to humans and are often categorised into 8 groups each of which is a constellation of similar emotions.. Read More

Don't Allow Coronavirus To Be Your Next Excuse for Using Porn

Here is a list of 'flow' type activities that I often give to clients when they say they have no hobbies or get bored and instead turn to porn.  Even with the restrictions imposed during the Coronavirus period you can see there is still 80% of things we can still do!  You can see from my list only a few things are crossed off.  Flow is a word used to describe an optimal or peak experience.  If you can master regular use of good flow experiences then you will have one of the most potent weapons against addictive behaviours on your side.  By achi.. Read More

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