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Reasons Why People Become Addicted to Sex and Pornography - Relationships

Relationships are one of the most pervasive causal factors underlying the dependent use of sex and pornography.  More specifically, how people respond psychologocally and behave in the relationship context, are high on the list of reasons to be addicted. How individuals respond within a relationship is the key here, not the quality of the relationship itself.  It is entirely plausible to behave badly in a good relationship and well in a bad relationship.  This is all about our individual psychological programming relevant to the dynamics of relating to others at work, play an.. Read More


VICIOUS TO VIRTUOUS (V2V) FREE ONLINE RECOVERY PROGRAMME FROM SEX AND PORN ADDICTION - Module 2 KNOW YOUR PATTERNS AND KICK SEX ADDICTION This 2nd module of V2V will help you to understand how addictive behaviours are governed by patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how modifying these will help you end addiction.  You will be able to conduct your own self-assessment and identify your potential addiction patterns.  The questions ‘why do I do this?’ and ‘how do I get back in control?’ will be answered.  With this module you will know whe.. Read More

Reasons Why People Become Addicted to Sex and Porn 1 Trauma

Rather than reasons I prefer to use the term 'probable factors'. We can never know for sure but in most cases I can help a client understand the root probable factors that led them to become a sex addict or porn addict. Most of the time the factors are deep in an addict's personal history such as an even that changed their psychology for life or until they sort it out somehow. This post talks about the role of trauma as a probable causal factor and is a good starting point because it occurs very often.  For example, as a result of our discussions my clients have been abl.. Read More

Sex Helps to Manage Anxiety

But...its not the right way to do it!  What do I mean? If you experience one or several of the many forms of anxiety such as social anxiety or general anxiety then you may have developed a coping mechanism.  This might be compulsive sex or porn use which helps to relieve anxiety through the production of extra doses of dopamine which act as a soothing medication.  So whilst you can cope just about with the anxiety using this method, you are doing two dangerous things.  Firsty, you are adding to you anxiety in the long-term because the compulsive behaviour will eventually.. Read More

Official. Sex addiction IS a mental disorder.

The World Health Organisation classifies diseases so that governments all over the world can target their resources at what is affecting people.  The most recent classification in ICD-11 which was published in June 2018 and be used by policy-makers, says that "Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder is characterized by a persistent pattern of failure to control intense, repetitive sexual impulses or urges resulting in repetitive sexual behaviour." The WHO goes on to say that to be a dis.. Read More

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