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Porn and Politics Don't Mix!

'Moment of madness' was how, now disgraced and resigned, Member of Parliament Neil Parish explained his viewing of pornography in the most public place imaginable, the House of Commons, last week. I wonder how many of those who self-diagnose as porn addicts and the many thousands of others who regularly look at porn took time to reflect over the MP's fall from grace due to pornography.  As a specialist therapist in this area the case certainly throws up some very important points to me. Firstly, the 'moment of madness' is quite possibly a serious minimisatio.. Read More

Fighting Without Fighting - the art of beating cravings in sex and porn addiction

In the classic martial arts movie Enter The Dragon you can see portrayed in humourous form a traditional tale of a Samurai called Musashi who was expert in the art of 'fighting without fighting'. Although he was a master swordsman he rarely had to use his weapons to defeat opponents.  Alan Watts tells the story in his inimitable way on this short Youtube video The hollywood portrayal of the Samurai tale of the use of zen in the art of swordsmanship shows Bruce Lee, no amateur at weapon-less physical combat himself, lure a goading.. Read More

Break Through the Fog of Denial - Free resources to get you started with recovery

Porn and sex addicts can stay in denial for many years before finally experiencing serious negative consequences which finally push them to get help for their problem.  Some of my clients have been in denial for 30 years, convincing themselves that daily porn use or the use of escorts is somehow 'needed' or even 'normal’. Denial is distorted thinking.  Addicts somehow manage to convince themselves, unconsciously, that their behaviours are not a problem and by doing so give themselves a licence to carry on self-destructing.  In most cases, addicts eventu.. Read More

Free Recovery Tools For Sex and Porn Addiction - Audio with slides - Module 3 Part 2 - 5 Easy Tools You Can Start to Use Now

Follow link at end to hear the audio module about the 5 Effective Tools You Can Use To Start Your Recovery Now Getting off the dopamine dependency and re-balancing your neurochemical thermostat is easier than you think.  Improvements will accrue on the way to a recommended 90-day, unblemished period of abstinence – the point at which research tells us re-wiring is well-established.  Your dopamine spiral will stay closed off whilst you install your new virtuous lifestyle aimed at healthier forms of self-support and self-fulfilment. If you are committed to change (see Module 1.. Read More

Free Recovery Tools for Sex and Porn Addiction - Audio Module now available - The Dopamine Effect.

Module 3 of my Vicious To Virtuous Free Recovery Tools for sex and porn addiction is now available in audio format. Here is the link: Thsi is a short extract from the text version on this site - link available below; Dopamine-led cycle of addiction Persistent repetition of sexual and porn behaviours constantly fires up so-called neural pathways to the point where the behaviours become learned and automatic.  These pathways become charged up so much that they transform into a sort of high-velocity travellator racing straight to your brain’s re.. Read More

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