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Sex and porn addiction - the way we stop them.

You have been prompted to look at this site because right now you are experiencing unpleasant negative effects on your life and those around you.  Your behaviours have been so compelling and over-whelming that they have brought about awful and distressing consequences that you would not ordinarily choose.  If you have got this far you are probably ready to begin doing something about it. Follow link to free audio module on tools to get started: You are also probably experiencing a lack of control over the behaviours despite your better jud.. Read More

Knowing Your Patterns of Addiction and Where they Come from - Audio module Parts 1 and 2

KNOW YOUR PATTERNS AND KICK SEX ADDICTION – NEW AUDIO VERSION This 2nd module of V2V will help you to understand how sex and porn addictive behaviours are governed by patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how modifying these will help you end addiction for good.  You will be able to conduct your own self-assessment and identify your potential addiction patterns.  The questions ‘why do I do this?’ and ‘how do I get back in control?’ will be answered.  Module is in a 2-part audio version - the theory and self-assessment for.. Read More

Commitment Is Essential To Get Into Recovery (See this free audio resource)

My clients want to stop their sex and porn addictions but struggle. Often this is because their have started on the recovery journey because of external drivers rather than their own commitment.  External drivers are ultimatums from partners (stop or I'll throw you out); potential or actual police attention; or maybe advice from a GP or generalist therapist. Commitment can be built up in therapy with a specialist in addiction like myself but this can sometimes feel artificial.  The resource linked to this article (access using this link i.. Read More

What is wrong with you?

So you believe you may be a sex and/or porn addict. But it is difficult to own up to this and seek help? Perhaps because you feel that there is something wrong with you? There isn't!  You are not mad or weird and you don't have a sex drive that's out of control.  Medically sex addiction is classed as a mental disorder - not an illness as such. Acting out with sex and porn is a symptom of the mental disorder.  Usually, the disorder is largely about a dependency on unhealthy behaviours. This dependency has come about due to a need for relief from other under.. Read More

Free recovery tools those worried about their sex and porn behaviours.

My free online toolkit for recovery from sex and porn addiction now comprises 6 modules and some addictional resources. Visitors to can make use of these when they need them, or clients can use them to support their sessions and long-term recovery. Here is a summary of the 6 chapters:  Module 1 - will get you started on the road to recovery from porn and sex ‘addiction’ and compulsive behaviours with 6 really easy techniques for building and fortifying your commitment to change.  Module 2 - explains the commonly accepted 'vivio.. Read More

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