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Partner Information Sessions

Information sessions provide partners with explanations about how the treatment programme works, how they can best support their addict partner, and importantly how they themselves can get support through the aftermath of disclosure and until full recovery is achieved.


Partner information sessions can happen anytime during the first stages of the treatment programme, say, up to their addict partner's 4th or 5th session.

These sessions accelerate recovery from addictive behaviours significantly as they help to create the optimal conditions for an addict's self-responsibility for their work and changes in behaviours.

The session explores the following;

  • reinforcing that the behaviours are NOT the fault of you the partner
  • understanding better the roots of the behaviours and what has kept them going
  • knowing how soon the recovery ourney will start to take effect
  • accountability and honesty; ensuring there are clear sings that addicts are taking full responsibility for their changes
  • how to get support as a partner of a sex or porn addict - good self-care strategies
  • the future and managing expectations and relationships until trust is re-built
  • how to manage the intimacy and sex whilst recovery is underway

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Please Note: Do not send your partner's or someone else's details without their knowledge. This is a breach of trust and also unlawful use of their personal data. Please call if you are worried about someone or need help yourself and I can advise you of the best course of action.

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